CADISON®  -  the Engineering Solution for Plant Design

CADISON® is a fully integrated multi-disciplinary engineering solution that combines the entire engineering workflow in one system and unites engineering data and graphics (P&ID and 3D) to deliver the latest information of the project in all views across all disciplines.
The CADISON® solution provides the flexibility to customize workflows, object models & catalogs to the own company´s standards and automatically generate reports, BOMs, MTOs, isometrics and 2D GA drawings to improve the project execution efficiency. It also has built-in revision control and project coordination capabilities. CADISON® integrates into the Autodesk environment by using the graphic engine of AutoCAD® and has interfaces to ERP and pipe stress calculation solutions.
CADISON® improves your project engineering efficiency by reducing project schedule time in a significant way.

Overview of the modules

CADISON Project-Engineer: The module for project- and plant-engineers CADISON Project-Engineer

CADISON Project-Navigator: the module for project manager and maintenance staff CADISON Project-Navigator

PID-Designer for Visio: the perfect tool in process design PID-Designer for Visio

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CADISON 3D-Designer: the module for 3D layout- and piping-planning CADISON 3D-Designer

CADISON Electric-Designer: the module for planning of electrical equipment CADISON Electric-Designer

CADISON MATPIPE: the module for pipe class and catalogue management CADISON MATPIPE

CADISON Maintenance: lifecycle management in plant operation CADISON Maintenance

CADISON Engineer2Web: access your CADISON data through Internet CADISON Engineer2Web

CADISON Archiver: archiving and viewing of revision-safe CADISON data and documents CADISON Archiver

CADISON Project-Manager: project planning with worktime management CADISON Project-Manager

CADISON ROHR2-Interface: stress calculations in pipelines CADISON ROHR2-Interface

CADISON CAESAR II-Interface: stress calculations in pipelines CADISON CAESAR II-Interface

CADISON ERP-Interface: the digital process chain to the ERP world CADISON ERP-Interface

CADISON API: application programming interface for external access to CADISON data CADISON API

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