CADISON Project-Navigator  -  the module for project manager and maintenance staff

CADISON Project-Navigator is the module for viewing of project data within the corporate network.
Navigator has been designed for staff members normally not involved in the active planning of a plant but afterwards responsible for operation and maintenance of the plant (i.e. mere data consumers).
Since in a CADISON project all logic and functional interrelations are displayed, it is possible, e.g. in case a pump fails operation, to make visible all plant components affected by this failure.
In case problems occur, all components, safety zones, pipe runs, hazardous areas etc. that might be affected are recognized and/or displayed.

Business Benefits

  • One click - All information
  • Transparency in all engineering projects
  • Complete project survey for the project manager
  • Ease of operation
  • Evaluation of all relevant project data and drawings through various viewers
  • Early provision of continuously updated information
  • Generation of reports for operation and maintenance of a plant
  • Complete survey of plant structuring

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