CADISON Archiver  -  archiving and viewing of revision-safe CADISON data and documents

The CADISON Archiver allows you to swap and archive complete projects from the CADISON productive environment.
Archived projects can be rapidly and easily viewed with the CADISON Archive-Browser without the need to retrieve them from the productive environment.
Information about documents in projects completed before plus knowledge from experiences remain directly accessible.

Business Benefits

  • Re-usability of already existing projects
  • Archive as knowledge management platform (ideas and conceptions)
  • Extension and reconstruction planning of completed projects after re-import
  • Independent use of CADISON data for process engineers and technical staff through the Archive-Browser
  • Simple dissemination of charts of object details to third parties without project expert know-how
  • Transparency of experiences derived from existing projects will be preserved
  • Simplification and higher clarity of productive environment

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